North Carolina is home to some of the nations best bass fishing lakes.  Lakes such as Shearon Harris, Fontana Lake, and Kerr Lake.  The state record Largemouth comes in at 15-14 lbs!  The state houses all 3 black bass, Largemouth, Spotted, and yes, even Smallmouth.  There is something for everyone here in the great state of North Carolina!   


I enlisted in the Army as an NBC Recon Specialist. I began fishing very young and got the itch for bass fishing from my uncle who was a professional angler with BASS and later the Redman circuit. I began tournament fishing after returning from Germany to Ft Polk in 92. I have continued fishing since that time with BASS Nation and a few local clubs in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and now fishing with AFFL. I Love this sport and like many other Vets I really enjoy the quiet of being on the water that we all need at times. I love helping new fisherman and just trying to give back like those that shared their knowledge with me throughout the years.


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