South Carolina is a very diverse state in regards to bass fishing.  From the upstate deep, clear, rocky reservoirs to the low country shallow swamps and tidal rivers.  With world renown fisheries like Santee Cooper, Lake Murray, and Lake Hartwell, every cast in South Carolina has the opportunity for a fish of a lifetime.  The state record largemouth bass comes in at a two way tie weighing 16-2 lbs!  Whether you’re and offshore structure angler or an old school bank beater, there is always fish to be caught in this great state!

I enlisted in the USAF in 2015 and I’m still currently serving on Active Duty as an Aircraft Structural Maintenance Craftsman. I have deployed twice in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Many of you probably read that and think oh the Air Force is a 9 to 5! Not in maintenance. As a Fabrication guy I spend many hours drilling, riveting, sanding, etc. I love every minute of it! With that said, there are many stressors that come along with working on aircraft. Thats why I fish! Fishing for me is a way to reset. I spend as much time on the water as I can. I see tournament fishing as a great way to push myself and connect with others. I’ve met so many great people here in South Carolina, I look forward to meeting y’all and can’t wait to see this league blossom into a national scale helping veterans everywhere.